Who Says There’s No Money?

Sure. Some communities have more access to money than others, but Public Utilities, municipalities, and the government literally give property owners money to improve the energy efficiency of their properties. Let’s discuss what you want to accomplish (including new construction, new property purchase, remodeling, and did I miss anything?), and let’s discuss what public money (yes, including free money) may be available to kick-start the process.
When we talk next, let’s first discuss what’s in it for you? What do you want to accomplish? This way we listen first to your needs, and we can then set out to identify what publically-available money is out there, and how I can serve as an advocate for you in getting your hands on some of it to improve your property, buy a property, and/or sell a property.
Here’s a link to one of our go-to reference sites that identifies public programs throughout the U.S. It’s a great place to start our next conversation.

BTW, Question: Why do utilities and other public entities give property owners money to reduce their energy use? Don’t the utilities make more money if we use more energy? Answer: In many cases conservation is more cost-effective and easier than building a new power plant or purchasing power for elsewhere. Also, in States where the public utilities commissions have decoupled the historic relationships between sales and revenue, utilities can account for investments they make in conversation like they do for investments they make in the building of new generating capacity. So, let’s talk about why and how the utility is really our friend around here.