Who Says There’s No Money in Recycling?

Where’s there’s an EBITDA, there’s a way.

In communities with recycling programs, the good news goes well beyond the community benefits. The recyclers are making materials recycling into good business too. Great recycling companies are earning solid returns for both shareholders and for communities.

With the price of raw materials on the rise, the range of recycling solutions for property owners are also on the rise. Here’s a link to what one can typically even recycle at one big box store.

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Best Buy states it has already recycled over 1 billion pounds of appliances and electronics, and has now set its sights on 2 billion.
The range of materials involved in the most common community recycling programs spans from Appliances and electronics to paints, solvents, construction waste, metals, and literally hundreds of other products.
Top recycled products, 2016:
Steel (found in cans, cars, appliances, and construction material)
Aluminum (found in cans, baking tins, and foil)
Plastic (found in bottles, jars, and packaging)
Paper (newspapers, printer paper, bags)
How can we benefit from recycling in our community? How can we encourage recycling and business? Let’s talk more about it, including what resources we’ve each found. BTW, where do our computers fall in and outside the list of top recycled products above, and what are the options in our community?
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