Where’s Your Favorite Swimming Hole?

Let’s Talk about Our Favorite Swimming Spots!

When it’s hot, and you’re thinking about where to go swimming, where’s your favorite spot? Let’s talk about your favorite spots and mine, and compare notes.
There are great community success stories regarding the protection of water resources, including community swimming areas. I love learning about communities doing a great job of preserving areas to swim and enjoy our natural resources.
Here are creative ways that communities and property owners are finding to protect swimming area (including pools):

Pool covers. Tens of thousands of property owners now use pool covers when they’re pools are not in use to conserve water by reducing evaporation, and also to decrease the time and energy pumps spend filtering out debris.
A focus on pool pumps. Many property owners are now saving big time with Energy Star pumps, sometimes as much as 50% of the cost they may have previously paid for pumping.
Chlorine and Other Solutions. For a generation and more, Chlorine has been the go-to solution for treating water supplies. Let’s discuss these and other solutions that may be working for you.
Community Recycling. Community recycling programs have been incredibly successful at reducing the volume of materials and compounds that find their ways in local waterways (and our swimming holes).
Let’s talk about how improvements to buildings and landscaping practices are doing a great job of protecting our local water resources. I’d love to hear what you think.
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