Thinking “Show Me the Money”?

Whether you are buying your first property, investing in your tenth, or somewhere in between, there may be some green money (all pun intended) available to help you accomplish your sustainability vision. Over the last decade, more than 100,000 property owners have taken advantage of publicly available funds to make their properties more sustainable. Many haven’t had to pull a dime out of their own pockets to make great energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other sustainability moves.
Let’s talk first about what you want to accomplish, and I can serve as your advocate to help identify some of the public and private sector money available for your property.
One example is incentives from utilities and public sources to create energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other environmental benefits for your property. Let’s talk about the incentives available for property owners (and buyers) in our community.
A second strategy is we also can explore private funds available for your property (or property to be). There are: lending and leasing options, and contractor and institutional financing solutions. Let’s discuss these too.
Most importantly, let’s discuss what sounds most exciting to you for your property, whether it’s your primary residence, an investment property, and/or something else.
I’m at your service to discuss any and all of the above in more detail. Let’s talk.