Sunshine and Scoping Solar Options

Pick A Right Solar Contractor to Avoid Getting Burned

If you’ve decided to install solar on your property (or are considering the options) but are unclear about how to choose the right contractor for the job, you’re not alone. A number of our clients have wrestled with that same decision. How, for example, do you know …
Whether your contractor is reputable?
Whether your contractor’s experience is with the type of installation best suited to your needs?
What is a fair price for the installation and ongoing charges?
What is a reasonable warranty over the life of your solar system?
Choosing the right contractor — and understanding some of the things that can go awry with someone who is inexperienced (or charges too much) — are key to making a seamless transition to solar. I’m happy to answer these questions and more. Give me a call if you’d like to learn more.
According to EcoBroker® estimates, more than 20,000 property owners per year have questions about how to decide if solar energy can work for their buildings. Let’s break it down together!

Sunshine and sensical solar options                                                                              

Let’s take the mystery out of solar power solutions together.

he growing number of solar solutions and solar companies can seem a bit overwhelming. Maybe a company has approached you offering to cut your utility bills and save you money. Maybe a solar industry sales person wants you to become energy independent. Or maybe they simply want to talk about benefits of solar energy. Either way, the popularity of solar power is growing. And solar companies really want to sell you a solar system for your property. Let’s continue our Sustainable Conversation™ so that you can easily answer these questions:
Are you getting the right price?
How are you financing the system?
What are the tax benefits and other solar incentives?                                                                            
What types of representations and warranties are the solar contractors offering?
Are these the best terms for you?
Is the agreement affected if you decide to later sell your property?
Compare this move to other homes in the area with solar. Will this move put you at an advantage or disadvantage compared to them?
How is your solar contractor making sure that you are properly sizing the solar system?
How are they making sure your property is using energy as efficiently as possible?
It’s amazing to see how much the solar space has grown in the past few years. Property owners are putting sunshine to good use! Not all solar contractors, contracts, or technologies are created equal. Together, let’s ask the questions that fit your situation. Let’s find the solution that is best for you!
The Solar Presentation (the Pitch)

In more than 20 markets throughout the U.S. (and many more internationally), our real estate clients and customers are routinely approached by solar photovoltaic providers offering residential or commercial rooftop or ground-mount solar solutions. These presentations typically lead with sales propositions such as:
“No money out of pocket”
“Energy independence”
“Reduce your utility bills”                                                                                                        
“Have you seen your neighbors are going solar?”
One of the most common questions I hear is, “Can you please help me make sense of this offer from the solar company?” When I respond, “Absolutely, I’m happy to help,” the next phase is typically the mass data dump of sales and financial information the solar companies have delivered.

This is the point in the conversation where our due diligence skills can help. We have the opportunity to assist in digging into the parts of a proposed project structure that one may often overlook, using our understanding of how to help protect the property owner’s best real estate interests and the public interest.
If you’re interested in any part of this, I’m ready to be your advocate in the solar space. I reliably help property owners make sense of the great solar industry. Most importantly, I support you to confidently navigate the exciting and ever-evolving solar options. When you’re ready, let’s continue our Sustainable Conversation™ about solar energy.