Let’s Talk Easier Money First

“Green Finance”
Win-Win-Wins Do Not Have to Cost You More, or Even Out-of-Pocket At All
Let’s face it, as soon as we hear someone start talking about making a property “energy efficient,” all we hear is dollar signs. It sounds expensive! The good news? Over the last decade, more than 100,000 property owners have taken advantage of publicly available funds to make their properties more sustainable.
If you’re interested in doing the same, let’s talk about it.  I’m here to listen to what you would ideally like to accomplish, and then help you find the money to make that happen. Let’s turn your dream into a reality! I’m your sustainability partner, and I’m here for you.
I love helping search for and find incentives from utilities and public sources. Many times there is public money available, and sometimes it’s possible to make great energy efficiency and other sustainability moves without any money out-of-your-pocket at all. Then when your dream has turned into reality, you’ve created comfort, value, and other benefits for your property, without breaking the bank.
We also can explore private funds you can access. These exist in the form of lending and leasing or contractor and institutional financing. As a first step, let’s talk.
I am excited to discuss green financing solutions, and respond to your needs. If this sounds like something you’re interested in, please, ask me!
Together, we’ll learn more about what the best options are for you, and then you decide. If you have questions for which I don’t have the answers, I’ll find out, and follow up quickly. After all, that’s the key to our Sustainable Conversation™.
I look forward to helping you. Let’s find the easier money together!