How About a Change?

At least once a quarter, with your permission, I’m going to send you a courtesy reminder to replace the filters in your property’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. The benefits of regular filter changes include: improved indoor air quality and energy efficiency, just to name a few.
On the indoor air quality benefits of regularly cleaning and replacing of your filters in your property’s HVAC system(s), the most specific benefits are improved comfort, reduced allergens in the air, and reduced air-borne everything else. Filters work better when they’re clean.
On the energy efficiency benefits of regularly cleaning and replacing furnace filters, it’s not unreasonable to attribute 20% (20 cents on every dollar) of the cost for HVAC in your property to the ability of the furnace filtration to allow air to readily pass through the filtration process and on to where air changes occur and you experience conditioned air in your property. The cleaner the filter, the easier it is for the HVAC system to do its job, and the less money it costs the system to do its thing. These are real savings, every day, every month, and on every bill.
I’m happy to talk with you more about filters, where to find filters at the best prices around here (or beyond), and about contractors who can help clean, maintain, and extend the life of an existing HVAC system. Let’s talk. I’m here for you.
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