Got Organic?

If you’re interested in finding organic produce, let’s talk.

My health and the health of others are top priorities of mine! So when I can, I look for organic produce at reasonable prices. If this interests you too, let’s compare our findings on the local resources. Great producers, orchards, and other exciting organic farmers serve our area, and I really enjoy supporting their noble efforts.
It’s easier than ever before to pick up organic, locally grown vegetables and fruits from almost any type of grocery store. “Farm-to-table” restaurants bring the freshest organic food together with creative chefs, and they’re popping up in many of our communities. We should trade notes on these too!
Here are a few quick hits about organic food today:
Less (if any) pesticides
Reduced pollution
Improved livestock handling and feeding habits
Supported by an estimated 50 million organic and socially responsible consumers
Found almost everywhere now
More affordable than ever
Let’s stay on top of these resources together, so we have all the chances to enjoy the season’s juiciest fruits, vegetables, and countless other products. Let’s find organic food nearby together.